Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summertime Mystery Challenge Part 2

Okay ready to make some blocks?

Let's start with the A block.........

Make one of these units , and press toward the colored parts....


and two of these.... press toward the colored rectangles.

Now put the three units together and press toward the outer units.

These are the A blocks.... You need 24
Have fun sewing...Jeri


  1. Thanks Jeri, think of us next Wednesday at the afternoon sewing meeting. We will be busy putting blocks together!!! This looks like fun! Thanks-- Judy

  2. I almost have all my blocks cut (had to raid my mom's stash) but I am very worried it's going to be ugly. I want to go buy fabric! Anyway...I'll catch up and send you some pics of my A blocks :)

  3. Ready for part three-- Judy