Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kindle Fire Case

       Of course the new Kindle needed a case, so........
I spent part of my Birthday making the new case.

 My sister made the cutest case for her new IPad at her retreat earlier this month. I brought home the magazine that she got the pattern from intending to size it down to make a kindle cover.....Low and behold at the end of the directions were measurements to scale it down to E reader size! This is the magazine.....

Love the wordy fabric on the inside.

Some of my favorite fabrics.

Makes me smile!  :)

Even used a little decorative stitch on the Bernina.

and I got this one all quilted, plan to bind it today,
 and bound today to take to my sister tomorrow .
Can you see the cute leaf pattern.
I didn't get a full on picture today, kinda of rainy,
and it gets  dark so early, but I'll try to get one before
 I give it to her.

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