Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday

        So I have been having some issues with the picture storage for the blog, and I am finding that I am not alone. I hope I have it figured out. I guess you have to change the size of your picture you are posting and blah blah blah..... Anyway Hello Wednesday. Today I finished quilting a small quilt for a friend at work.

Love the yellow / blue combination
a close up of the panto / Popcorn
gives the quilt movement I think.
While at home last weekend I got my sisters into
doing a Mystery Quilt with me.
This is us working on their first weeks directions.
A Yellow four patch for one sister.
a Black and White and Grey combo for the other.
There are my four patches.....
We are following Bonnie Hunters Mystery
I have finished about half of the four patches
that I need, The other half are sewn and
waiting to be pressed. About 200 all total!
The next set of directions comes out on Friday.
I hope to be finished with the first step to go onto
the next....
and last but not least, I finished my sisters
Fall Quilt.
and and there you have this weeks finished
and in progress!




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