Sunday, November 4, 2012

Are we there yet?

   Are we sick of it all yet? The TV commercials. The 4-5 information postcards in the mail each day?
I googled cost of the 2012 election and do you know what it said .....? Nearly 6 billion dollars! Yes it said BILLION! I will be so relieved to have tuesday come and go . I did my due diligence  and voted, not sure how it will count, but it's done.

   Can you just imagine if all the money for the national, was added to all the money spent on local election measures and persons running,and  then that amount was  used to with hurricane relief,  put food on someones' table, give a warm coat to someone who is cold, pay an elderly persons heat bill, give relief to someone who's insurance doesn't cover the medication they need......and on and on and on.

   I don't know....just sayin' , sorry guess I just needed to vent a little.

and I approve this message!    :)


  1. We get a phone call and a flyer everyday from one of the candidates. And a personal visit from a volunteer once a week. I keep wondering how much money could have gone to a good cause if they had just taken us off the list. We told them we were voting for them right off the bat. Almost makes me want to change my mind after getting pestered so much.

  2. I approve your message as well! I had at least 10 calls yesterday asking how I was going to vote or trying to convince me to vote a particular way. It made me wish I could erect a media bubble around myself saying, "I've already voted and I don't want to hear you talk!"
    And, living in the public education world, there are so many ways billions of dollars could be used to make a difference forthe next generation of voters!