Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fire Up!

    Happy Birthday to me today. My DH gifted me a Kindle Fire this morning and made me a deliscious breakfast. Now he is on to a lemony pie for later today!

    I have had my second edition Kindle for quite some time and use it all the time, so now I look forward to this new Kindle Fire. It has so many things going for it , not to mention it is after all an E Reader. Can't wait to "fire" it up! No pun intended.

I plan on sewing my day away......Look out sister your fall quilt may or may not be coming your way next week!

The time honored
"Yellow Brick Road" pattern
It looks good every time.

I've not used this panto yet.
Thought it would work well on this quilt.

love the 80/20 Hobbs with King Tut thread combo!

and no I am not playing the Christmas music yet! Pandora is still playing my eclectic mix.


  1. Happy Birthday Jeri!!! Sounds like you are having the perfect day!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Have fun with the new Kindle :)